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This page is for pre-order products only!

Pre-orders (also referred to as presales) are occasionally made available here. Pre-orders are normally left open for a few days up to 10 days depending on the item being sold. Sign up for our newsletter to know when products are available for pre-order.

If you do not see an item posted below, then the sale has either not begun or it has ended.

Pre-orders mean the items have not been manufactured yet or only a partial batch has been manufactured with more projected for production. The advantage of presales is it allows you to secure an item for sale instead of missing out on a stock item which sells out quickly. Please read our terms below.

Pre-order Purchasing Terms:

  • A presale (or pre-order) does require you to pay in advance of the items being manufactured. You can place your order below if the presale is currently running.
  • It normally takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks after the end of the presale date for the items to be ready for shipment to you. There is NO guarantee the items will be completed within 4 to 5 weeks. A production problem may delay the items from being shipped in a timely manner. We will provide notice a few weeks after the end of the presale date notifying you of any delays.
  • You can use your Paypal account to pay for the presale items. However, if you make a complaint to Paypal that you have not received the item before we have the chance to ship it to you, then your order will be immediately cancelled and applicable monies refunded to you. You will not receive the item after cancellation under any circumstance, and you may be banned from making future purchases from and affiliate sites. Filing a complaint is a clear indication that you have not agreed to our terms, and therefore you should not have made the order in the first place.
  • You can cancel your order at any time. Contact us using your invoice number in the subject line of the email.

Presale Shipment Terms:

  • Allow enough time for shipments to arrive to you. The 4 to 5 week timeline is normal production time and does not include shipping time to your location. Some locations can take up to 8 weeks to receive shipments.
  • If you place presale items in the same order with other products on our site, all the items in that order will be put on hold for shipment until the pre-order item is in stock and ready to ship.
  • Orders which include a presale item and other stock items will not be split into two separate shipments. If you would like to order other items and receive them before receiving a presale product, then place a separate order for the presale item.
  • Please wait at least 4 weeks from the END of a presale before inquiring about your order. Constant emails asking for updates on presale items only delays our shipping department from making shipments.

Remember: you are ordering custom items here that have not been manufactured yet, you are not ordering stock items. This means there is a potential for manufacturing delays which may delay your shipment.


You must click on the check box in the product's description showing you agree to these terms or your order will be cancelled.

Presale statuses:
Statuses last updated 11 May 2012

Item Sales Start Date Projected End Date Estimated Ship Date Shipping Started Shipping Completed Notes
The Maker Geocoin 10 Mar '14 14 Mar '14 21 Mar '14 - -

1st batch,

Shipping delayed until 24 March

The Maker Geocoin 14 Mar '14 24 Mar '14 28 Mar '14 - -

2nd batch,

Shipping delayed until 1 April

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