Hides Geo-Achievement Coins

The Geo-Achievement® Hides coins are the professional way to present or show your geocache hide accomplishments with pride. Each Hides coin comes with its own matching lapel pin. Each set comes pre-packaged in a white presentation box so you can professionally present or display the coin and pin set. These coins are trackable on Geocaching.com and each cache hide category has its own icon.

We realize that maintaining hidden geocaches is a tough job and sometimes goes unappreciated. So that is why we started this series with a 10 Hides Geo-Achievement, then 25 Hides, moved up to 50 Hides, and then continued with each 100 Hides after that. These coins are plated in a black nickel finish to represent secrecy of your hides.

To add thoughtfulness when you are presenting these coins as gifts, we included a custom etching area on the backside. This area can accommodate up to two lines of engraving with 17 characters per line (including spaces). We can custom engrave the geocoins for you. Simply fill in the engraving entry blocks for each coin that you want engraving, and we will professionally engrave the coins for a small added cost. You can have names, cache names, GC numbers, dates, or any personalization added to the coin.

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