Custom Geocoins for Geocaching

We have specialized in making quality custom geocoins and geotags for the hobby of geocaching since 2004. We can take care of your custom geocoin project from design to minting to delivery. Since 2001, we have been a premier custom coin manufacturer. What we take care of:

  • Refining your design and concept
  • Suggestions for design enhancement
  • Die art
  • Tracking codes
  • Secure activation codes hosting
  • Icon graphics
  • Minting
  • Shipping

From cradle to grave, we take care of your geocaching project with care. We also make non-trackable geocoins and geotags. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen. We also make other trackable items such as custom lapel pins (geopins), embroidered patches, plush animals, ball caps, neck lanyards, and more. As geocachers ourselves, we understand the importance of the design and function of your travel item. Your satisfaction with your geocaching project is our number one priority.

The Story of Geocoins and Geotags
Custom geocoins started in 2001 by the geocacher Moun10Bike, but became very popular in the hobby of geocaching in the year 2004. Used as signature items, custom geocoins and geotags are durable items that can be placed in geocaches. Geocachers can then find the geocoins and move them to other geocaches. This is a fun game where you can assign missions to geocoins and geotags and watch them travel all over the world. The idea of geocoins came from the concept of military coins, otherwise known as challenge coins.

Trackable items
A custom geocoin or custom geotag is a special coin/tag you can have created through us at as a signature item, like a calling card for geocaching. We ensure that each geocoin and geotag is assigned a unique serial number (or tracking number) which allows them to be tracked as they travel the world from geocache to geocache, picking up stories along the way, sort of like a real world outdoor treasure hunting game that is GPS enabled! When a person buys or trades for a geocoin, they activate the unique tracking number and create a mission for it. The mission can be anything they want, such as to travel a specific country or even find its way to a geocaching friend on the other side of the world. Once you put it in a geocache, other people can find the coin, log it on, and move it further along to help the coin complete its mission. It really is a neat program that can be a lot of fun for you and your whole family! also offers a full line of readymade geocoins, along with Geo-Achievement® coins, which can be custom engraved.

Activation codes:
If you want tracking numbers on your custom coins, geopins, or trackable items, then each tracking number will have an activation code. Activation codes are used to initialize the tracking numbers at so you can establish your unique trackable item into your profile. Then you can assign a mission to your trackable item and release it into a geocache. You can retrieve activation codes from our website for trackable items we have made.

The custom geocoin options and services we offer:

  • Graphics design or enhancement
  • Single and two-tone durable finishes
  • Multiple finishes
  • Limited edition coins
  • Quality Alphanumeric numbering and engraving
  • tracking codes with no minimums
  • Secure activation code hosting
  • Custom tracking number prefixes (for qualified geocoins)
  • Design approval through
  • Icon design approval
  • Guaranteed no distribution of your item to anyone but you (the design owner)

Want free custom geocoins or other geocaching items?
If you have a design you would like to see made into a custom geocoin or any other kind of custom geocaching item, then you may be eligible for our resale program. If your design and concept qualify, you can turn the project over to us to make and we will make a portion of them for you at no cost. That's right, you get a batch of custom coins for free just for letting us take the risk of financing the project and offering it to the geocaching world. The batch we make for you can be a limited edition of your choice. We have been doing this program since 2005 with lots of happy geocachers and hundreds of custom geocoins. Contact us for details or send us your design for review.

Benefits of the resale program:

  • You send your design and concept to us and we do the rest.
  • Save money - you pay nothing
  • We enhance the design, if needed.
  • We work approval with Groundspeak if it is a trackable item.
  • We manage the tracking number lists.
  • We host the activation codes.
  • We handle the shipping and taking care of bad shipments.
  • We take care of the customer's questions and emails.
  • You sit back, relax, and use your free custom geocoins.

We are authorized manufacturers of

Event geocoins:
We make geocoins, geotags, and custom lapel pins for geocaching events. To help save you money, we also have mega event and regular event coin dies you can use. This option saves you the cost of one of coin dies.

Options to consider which are specific to geocaching:

  • A strong finish is the most important aspect to a geocoin or geotag since moisture can seep into some geocache containers. Nickel (polished and satin) and chrome finishes are the most durable. Polished gold and satin gold are the second strongest. Antique finishes, polished/satin silver and copper, and black nickel will work well, but they need epoxy coating to protect the finish. Epoxy coating will protect all finishes, but it cannot be added to a geocoin or geopin that has hard enamel color fills.
  • Diamond cutting is not recommended. Diamond cutting exposes the bare metal which causes corrosion when exposed to the elements or frequent handling. Placing a geocoin or geopin with diamond cutting in resealable bags does not cure this problem since humidity and oil from fingers still contaminate the surface. Placing coins in clear capsules can help reduce the chance of corrosion, but there is no guarantee.
  • If you choose to have tracking numbers, etching, or consecutive numbering, find a good location in the design to allow enough room. The tracking numbers from are usually 6 to 7 digits long. Other designs may call for geo-nick names to be etched on the custom geocoin, geopin, or geotag that can range from a few characters to 20 characters or more. Consecutive numbers should never be joined with tracking numbers or it creates confusion for geocachers trying to log the coin.
  • You may want to include a loop or hole on the top of the geocoin, geopin, or geotag; or even a hole in the coin/pin to accommodate an ability to attach the travel bug to an object.
  • Special shapes are a unique feature for geocoins. This option makes them stand out above standard round custom coins or geopins.

See our custom coin page for more information about making custom coins.

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