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Contact us to get your custom coins started. We can make quality coins for anything worldwide.

Custom coins and medallions are the best way to show pride and appreciation. These unique coins are also fantastic promotional products. Are you looking for a quality award to give or want to boost your business presence, but don't want to spend too much? Custom coins and medallions are the answer. As a matter of fact, you can use custom coins for anything. Contact us for coin pricing.


We specialize in military coins, challenge coins, business coins, public service coins (such as firefighter coins, EMT coins, and police coins), and award coins. You will be happy with our coin pricing.

Quality of your coin is our number one priority.
We offer the best image detail, largest selection of finishes, and lots of coin options. Our custom coins feature the best looking finishes available. Our polished finishes are exceptional and our antique finishes are plated instead of just exposing the bare metal. If lowest cost for your custom coin is your primary concern, then let us know so we can adjust the quality of your custom coin to fit your budget; otherwise we will make a great quality custom coin for you. As a first rate coin company, we take pride in producing quality coins that people visibly see are made with care and expert craftsmanship. We use high quality metal to make top quality coins, but we can also use low cost metals if you are on a tight budget. High quality metals produce better image quality than cheaper metals. We also make solid gold and solid silver coins.

Military coins and public service coins always get a discount.
Military coins, police coins (law enforcement coins), firefighter coins, EMT coins, public school coins, and government office coins will always receive a discounted rate from us. Being a veteran owned business and a military service company, we know what it is like to work under the constraints of public service, and it is our way of giving back. .


Police coins and Firefighter Coins
We have made police coins and firefighter coins for units and stations all over the world. A few units have used their police coins and firefighter coins as awards for helpful citizens. Here's what one Sheriff said about the custom coins we made for him, "Our police coins arrived quickly and look great. The troopers loved them. Thank you for all your help."

Custom Military Coins, Unit Coins, and Challenge Coins
We make custom coins for the armed forces and National Guard units around the world. Military coins are also referred to as challenge coins and unit coins by members of the armed forces. Military personnel appreciate challenge coins as awards and for military pride. We can create your coin design and produce custom challenge coins for all military branches such as the Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard. Our most popular award coins are commander coins issued to their military unit troops for excellence. In addition, we have made military coins for Special Operations and Special Forces units. Don't forget to also read over our custom lapel pins page to get matching custom pins made based on your coin design. From General, to Commander, to Chief Warrant officer, to NCO and more, we will make a military unit challenge coin you will be proud of. To save on die fees, you can even use some of our already made coin designs to fill in one side of your design. Click this link to see all of the military coins for Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and National Guard which we carry as stock coins.

Organization Coins and Fundraiser Coins
Business coins, nonprofit coins , charity coins , and private group coins; we can truly make your coins for anything, anyone, and any event. You can event have custom coins made as coupons to attract more customers and members. We are also able incorporate your logo into a coin design. Using a coin as a business card will set you apart from those who give paper cards. If you want to highlight a special event, promote a product, or need coins for anything to draw the attention you want, then contact us to make quality coins for you.

Wedding coins
Looking for a personalized gift to give out at your wedding? Custom wedding coins are the perfect gift that people will keep and cherish for years to come. They are a true personalized gift that shows you put effort and originality into your precious moment. Wedding coins have a low cost compared to many other kinds of giveaways, but yet the quality of our wedding coins will give the impression that you spared no expense. We can make your wedding coins entirely of metal, or even have your photo placed in them.


We're sure you have been shopping around for coin pricing. We can assure you that we have some of the lowest pricing around. Make sure you're looking at the total cost and not just the individual costs when you're comparing. Many custom coin companies don’t include colors in their pricing, or their extra options are very expensive. They also like to make you think you are getting many options for free when in fact they have hidden those option prices into the price of the base coin, Also take a look at the cost to reorder from them. In some cases, the reorder price for the same coin is very high. We are upfront about all of the manufacturing and shipping costs, and we have low coin pricing for reorders.

Aaron Charles Promotions LLC has no hidden fees and will give you the best custom coin pricing on each order. We will break down the price into each option so you can make informed decisions on what is best for you. We won't insult your intelligence by saying you are getting free shipping and free dies, then build those costs into the coins prices. Honesty is our policy.

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