Event Geocoins

Get these geocoins if you attend a geocaching event and want to commemorate it. You can also have your message or event name engraved on the coin. Some people use these coins to keep track of all the events they attended.

If you are holding a small event and want to offer geocoins to the attendees or volunteers, then these coins are for you. You can get these coins and have them engraved with the event name, GC number, or your message. Then offer these coins to show your appreciation for the attendees.

Holding a large geocaching event and want to save money on your custom event geocoins? We can create a custom coin side and use one of these already made event coin dies to save the cost of one die fee on your custom geocoin. You can also order a large batch of these already designed event geocoins with custom engraving for a reduced cost. Please contact us for details on large orders or for custom event coins.

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Event Geocoin - Mega
Event Geocoin - Regular
Event Geocoin - Regular - 3 set
$31.47 $26.95
Event Geocoin - Mega - 3 set
$31.47 $26.95
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The Maker Geocoin Geocache Hider
WWFM Flash Mob XV Event Geocoin
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