Hides Geo-Achievement Patch

These elegant embroidered Geo-Achievement® patches are perfect as awards to your friends or family at their geocaching achievements. You can also use them on your backpack, bags, shirts, jackets, hats, or more to show off your cache hides achievement; go ahead, you earned it. Collect the entire set to show your milestone progression.

Combine these patches with Geo-Achievement coin sets and you will have the perfect gift that will be greatly appreciated by any geocacher.

This series of patches follows the same cache hide color pattern as our Geo-Achievement coin sets. The Roman numerals and border follow a different color pattern based on the "hide" level achieved: From 10 hides to 50 hides, these two items are embroidered in white and brown. 100 hides to 400 hides are embroidered with black. 500 hides to 900 hides are embroidered with metallic silver. 1,000 hides on up are embroidered in metallic gold

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