Traveling Copy Cat geocoin

Traveling Copy Cat geocoin
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Model: gr-cp-2168grn

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Traveling Copy Cat Geocoin – single coin
We will engrave your tracking number on this coin at no extra charge!


No need to by a new coin, just reuse your old tracking number. Is your trackable geocoin, Travel Bug®, or other traveling item lost or stolen? Then put that tracking number to good use and keep it traveling by using the Traveling Copy Cat Geocoin.

When you purchase this coin, input your tracking number in the entry box above and we will custom engrave this coin with your tracking number (one tracking number per coin). You can then put this tag into the geocaching wild and continue to see your tracking number travel. It is like recycling those unused numbers, and you can save money by not having to purchase new geocoins or TBs.

Better yet, this coin is affordable. By purchasing this coin, you can recycle your old tracking number for less than the cost of most other travelers. There is no additional cost for engraving your tracking number on this coin; the cost for etching the coin with your tracking number is included in the price!

When you place your order and input the tracking number you want engraved, we will custom etch the Traveling Copy Cat Geocoin with our special in-house etching machine. Please allow a few extra shipping days for our etching service. The amount of time needed to etch the coin is based on how many other people are ordering these coins at the same time.

  • 29.5mm square
  • Aluminum metal
  • plated in green
  • Soft enamel color
  • Includes 3.5" chain
  • Trackable on based on the tracking number you submit to us.
  • Will show the icon associated with the tracking number you are having etched on this coin.


  • Your number is etched in the coin. It will never come off from wear.
  • No additional charge for etching.
  • No need to go anywhere else to get the coin etched…we do it for you!
  • Less expensive than getting a new geocoin.
  • Continues the use of your old tracking numbers.
  • Small enough to fit in a 35mm container.
  • Bright color so it can be seen in caches.
  • Chain included to attach to your favorite traveler

The name of this coin is a play on words. It resembles a traveling copy, but is also a cat geocoin. That is why the word "copycat" is split into two words. The coin acts as a copycat of your original coin. That darned cat sure gets around!

When placing your order, don't forget to use the entry box above to enter the one tracking number that you want etched on this tag. Each tracking number should be six(6) digits long. Please double check the tracking number that you send to us.

Traveling Copy Cat geocoin
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