Cache Angel Geocoin - Love Red - Gold

Cache Angel Geocoin - Love Red - Gold
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The cache angel is guiding you to the cache! Use this geocoin as a traveler, holiday ornament, gift, or as a first to find prize. It will also look great in your collection. The halo is specially designed so you can use a ribbon to hang her from a tree, or you can attach a chain and use her as a necklace pendant.

The green, red, teal, and violet color versions of the Cache Angels are made with imitation hard enamel. This is one of the standard coloring types used on geocoins. However, the blue color version is made with Cloisonné enamel. This is the original and natural enamel coloring developed by the Chinese hundreds of years ago. It is much more durable than imitation hard enamel and provides for deeper colors. Using this style of coloring involves pouring it as a powder form into the coin recesses. Then it is baked at very high temperatures. Once the color has formed correctly, the excess color is ground down by hand to give a nice semi-gloss finish. A whole different set of dies had to be made to offer this coin in the special Cloisonné coloring due to its different refinement process.

* Measures 1.75" tall
* Translucent and solid hard enamel colors
* Trackable on
* An icon unique to this coin will show on your profile when you log a discovery

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