Coin Storage

These items are used to store your coins for protection from handling.

  • Vinyl pouches (or flips) are inexpensive holders for keeping your coins safe from general handling.
  • Mylar coin flips (SAFLIPS) are archival quality storage pouches that keep your coins from getting a cloudy residue on the metal surface. These are used by museums and numismatic coin collectors.
  • Blank card inserts are for labeling your coins and are archival quality. They fit perfectly in the coin flips and will not contaminate your coins or yellow over time.
  • Coin flip boxes fit the flips and pouches just right for compact storage.

From years of experience, we have found that flips and boxes are the most economical and durable way of storing your coins. Album binders tear at the hinges and sleeve inserts end up tearing at the seams from the weight of the coins. The boxes and flips also take up less room than binders and store firmly instead of sliding around like binders do. In the long run, flips and boxes will cost you far less than binders and sleeves not only in initial costs, but also in replacing broken binders and torn sleeves.

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Geo-Achievement Box
Velvet Coin Box - 1.75 inch
Velvet Coin Box - 1.5 inch
Velvet Coin Box - 1 5/8 inch
SAFLIP Archival Coin Flip, 1.5 inch - 10 pack
SAFLIP Archival Coin Flip, 1.5 inch - 50 pack
Vinyl Pouch - 1.5 inch - 10 pack
Vinyl Pouch - 1.75 inch - 10 pack
Vinyl Pouch - 2 inch - 10 pack
Vinyl Pouch - 2.5 inch - 10 pack
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